K&Kglass custom laminate sentryglas glass bridge
K&Kglass custom laminate coloured laminted glass
K&Kglass custom laminate digital ceramic canopy
K&Kglass custom laminate digital cermaic roof
K&Kglass custom laminate strucutal facade

With K&K Glass you can fully customize your architectural glass requirements to provide increased energy efficiency, greater strength and noise control.  

Our custom laminated glass can be fully customised from a large range of glass and combined with a variety of interlayer options, including PVB and SentryGlas®. Further customization is possible by the addition of a wide range of decorative coloured interlayers or by combining with digital ceramic glass.

For ultimate performance, safety and noise reduction incorporate your custom laminated glass with an Insulated Glass Unit.

Features and Benefits:
  • Tailored solutions to suit most residential and commercial applications  
  • Noise reduction with the addition of high performance acoustic interlayers
  • Increased strength and safety with addition of new generation ionoplast interlayers
  • Limitless design possibilities and decorative options by adding coloured interlayers or combining with digital ceramic glass

Product Specification


  • Pool fencing
  • Stairs and flooring
  • Overhead glazing
  • Canopies and skylights
  • Windows and doors
  • Internal partitions and designer panels
  • Frameless balustrades
  • Facades and shop fronts
  • Laminated safety mirrors

Glass sizes

  • Min size: 300mm x 300mm
  • Max size: 5000mm x 2400mm


Standard annealed laminated glass uses the same thickness and colour interlayer (generally 0.38mm thick). 

Toughened or heat strengthened laminated glass requires a minimum 1.52mm interlayer. 

Coloured interlayers are not the same colour as tinted floats so be mindful if the application requires float and safety glass to be glazed in proximity of each other. 
Tinted, reflective and Low E coated laminated glass should have a thermal assessment completed to establish risk of thermal breakage. Toughening or heat strengthening will help prevent thermal breakage.

Some degree of edge delamination or edge blush is inherent in most PVB laminated glass products. Edge delamination should not extend more than 6mm for ordinary annealed laminated and no more than 10mm for heat strengthened or toughened laminated glass. This degree of delamination does not affect the structural integrity of the glass.