K&K Glass is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of flat glass building products and innovative glass solutions. With over 25 years experience and expertise, full in house production facility with the latest state of the art processing and production equipment K&K Glass has the capability to produce an extensive range of high performance glass to meet any energy rating requirement, including toughened and heat strengthened glass, heat soaking, custom laminating, insulated glass units and digital ceramic glass printing. 


K&K Glass was established in 1993 with 2 directors in Arndell Park. In the early days the business specialised in the bulk merchandising of blocks and loose sheets to the commercial fabricators, glass and glazing companies.

Just one year later, built from the initial success of the wholesaling and merchandising K&K Glass started to diversify the business by investing in new straight line polishing machines and automatic glass cutting lines providing cut to size laminated glass.

During 1998 K&K Glass recognized the changing needs of the glass market and invested further in cut to size laminated glass with purchase of the latest state of the art machinery from European manufacturers such as Schiatti, Hegla, Bottero and Bavelloni. This enabled the business to change its core focus and concentrate on the cutting and processing of glass to meet the rapidly changing market requirements.

In the year 2000 K&K Glass invested in, at that time, the largest automatic laminate cutting line in Australia with a new automatic laminate cutting line from Hegla, capable of cutting laminated glass up to a maximum of 4280mm x 3210mm. These investments and unrivaled product quality saw K&K Glass become the largest independent supplier of cut to size laminated glass in NSW.

By the year 2005 K&K Glass started to recognize another shift or trend in the Australian glass market and once again started to diversify the business by investing further in a state of the art toughening furnace, CNC machines, waterjet processing and screen printing facilities to meet the increasing demand for toughened glass. 

Fast forward five years and after a major extension to its existing factory, increasing its size to 5,000m2; K&K Glass invests further with new double edge processing lines, custom laminate vacuum bag facilities and stare of the art Insulated Glass Unit line.

In 2015 a fully featured custom laminating line was added to the existing vacuum bag facilities to further enhance, expand and accommodate the increasing demand for custom laminated glass solutions.

The investment in technology continues today with the addition of a new North Glass low E toughening furnace, additional double edge processing lines, advanced water treatment facilities, custom glass painting facilities and new Hegla Rapid Line automatic float line commissioned in March 2018.

Today, K&K Glass not only provides the core products that the business was built on, it also specialises in custom laminated glass, digital ceramic printing and energy efficient insulated glass units. 

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Our Capabilities

Ideal for high throughput, high accuracy fully optimized cutting of float and laminated glass to industry tolerances.

The K&K production facility houses:

  • 2 Hegla Automatic float cutting lines operating with automated loading systems
    * including new Hegla Rapid Line installed and commissioned in March 2018
  • 1 Hegla Automatic laminate cutting line operating with automated loading system
  • 1 Hegla Automatic laminate cutting line
  • 2 Bottero Automatic laminate cutting lines

K&K Glass operates a range of state of the art straight line and double edge processing lines designed to accurately grind down clean cut straight edges with an arrissed, penciled or polished edge finish. Option for mitred edges.

Arrissed edges are primarily used in single glazed toughened applications and IGU toughened components. Polished edges are primarily glazed with an exposed edge that requires a high grade polished finish.

The K&K Production facility houses:

1 large double edge processing line

  • Min size: 400mm x 400mm

  • Max size: 4200mm x 2400mm

1 small double edge processing line

  • Min size: 300mm x 100mm

  • Max size: 1000mm x 1000mm

2 single edge processing lines

  • Min size: 100mm x 100mm

  • Max size: 3000mm x 3000mm

CNC Processing is ideal when accurate and tight tolerances are required or where curves with a polished finish are necessary. Glass specifications are uploaded into the machines controller via CAD program to ensure there is no possibility for human error.                                                                                    

The CNC process is more precise than single or double edge processing and can produce complex shapes that would be almost impossible to achieve with traditional straight and double edge processing.

The K&K Production facility houses:

Intermac CNC 

  • Min size: 450mm x 450mm
  • Max size: 4100mm x 1900mm

Ideal for high speed precise shape cutting of shapes, holes and cut outs where a ground edge finish is adequate.

The K&K Production facility houses;

1 small high precision water-jet 

  • Min size: 300mm x 300mm
  • Max size: 30000mm x 1800mm

1 large high precision water-jet

  • Min size: 300mm x 300mm
  • Max size: 3800mm x 2800mm

Range of vibrant painted glass panels ideal for any internal or external application including wall cladding, splash backs and spandrel applications.

The K&K Production facility houses:

Custom Spray Booth

  • Min size: 100mm x 100mm (sample size)
  • Max size: 5000mm x 2000mm

Digitally printed glass with limitless design possibilities. Ideal for internal and external applications from retail settings to full-scale external facades.

K&K Glass Production facility provides:

Digital Ceramic Glass

  • Min size: 300mm x 300mm
  • Max size: 2700mm x 2400mm

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The toughened glass process heats glass to temperatures typically around 600°C then rapidly cools the glass by blasting cold air for different time intervals depending on the glass thickness and type. After the process the glass is now a grade A safety glass 5 times stronger than standard annealed float.

The K&K Production facility houses:

Furnace 1

  • Min size: 300mm x 100mm
  • Max size: 4500mm x 2500mm

Furnace 2

  • Min size: 300mm x 100mm
  • Max size: 6000mm x 2800mm
    * Max size for 4mm = 2800mm x 2500mm

Heat Soaking is a process that is designed to expose NiS inclusions in toughened glass. The process involves placing the toughened glass inside a heat soaking chamber and raising the temperature to approximately 300ºC to accelerate nickel sulfide expansion. This causes glass containing nickel sulfide impurities to explode in the heat soak chamber, thus reducing the risk of potential spontaneous breakage once installed.

The K&K Production facility houses:

Heat Soak Furnace

  • Min size: 300mm x 300mm
  • Max size: 6000mm x 3000mm

K&K Glass Insulated Glass Units (also known as double glazed units) are made with two layers of glass, separated by an aluminum spacer and air or argon filled gap. We manufacture our standard and performance range of IGU’s using glass sourced locally from Viridian and leading glass manufacturers from around the world.

The K&K Production facility houses:

Insulated Glass Unit Line

  • Min size: 300mm x 300mm 
  • Max size: 4000mm x 2200mm
    * Larger sizes may be accommodated, please contact sales to discuss any requirement outside the above guidelines

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The custom laminating process involves permanently bonding two or more panels of glass together with a range of high performance glass and interlayers that can be supplied in a variety of custom colours and thicknesses.  

With K&K Glass you can fully customize your architectural glass requirements to provide increased energy efficiency, strength and noise control.

The K&K Production facility houses:

Custom Laminate line, Pre Press & Autoclave

  • Min size: 300mm x 300mm
  • Max size: 5000mm x 2400mm
    * For custom shapes with one dimension greater than 3000mm long, please contact sales to discuss and provide further detail on requirements

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The primary function of the plastic wrap film is to provide temporary protection to glass during transport and construction. K&K spotstick film will protect against mortar, render, paint spatter, grinding marks, general dirt, dust & grime and scuff marks caused by tools, general traffic and the environment.

The K&K Production facility houses:

Spotstick *

  • Min size: 300mm x 300mm
  • Max size: 3000mm x 1200mm
    * Maximum thickness 8mm
    * Larger sizes and glass thicknesses may be accommodated, please contact sales to discuss any requirement outside the above guidelines