K&Kglass Decoratrive acidetched frameless doors
K&Kglass Decoratrive acidetched finger on glass
K&Kglass Decoratrive acidetched buidling facade

Acid Etched glass – this decorative glass has a stylish translucent frosted or satin finish and is typically used to soften natural daylight whilst providing increased privacy.

This decorative glass is a high quality float glass that has been treated on one side with an acid wash to achieve an even, consistent, frosted or satin finish. Ideal for a number of internal applications where high translucency and privacy are key considerations.

Features & Benefits
  • The acid etched satin or frosted finish provides an elegant private space
  • The translucent qualities of the glass diffuses light to provide natural illumination
  • Suitable for safety glass applications and can be toughened to avoid risk of thermal breakage
  • Can be used in monolithic form or combined with K&K performance IGU to increase energy efficiency or laminated for added safety and noise reduction 


Product Specification


  • Windows for privacy and decoration
  • Shower and bath enclosures
  • Interior partitions
  • Door inserts
  • Wall panels and wall features
  • Lead lighting
  • Balustrades
  • Louvres
  • Furniture


Acid Etched can be cut and processed, toughened, laminated or fabricated into K&K performance range of insulating glass units to significantly improve the performance, energy efficiency and noise reduction.